SpExoDisks database

Spectroscopy of Exoplanet-forming disks

We are working on creating a major database of high-quality, high-resolution IR spectra of Protoplanetary Disks, with a web portal for community access. The database will include science-ready spectra and products (measured line fluxes and widths, stacked line profiles, and more) from several major surveys done with VLT-CRIRES, IRTF-iSHELL, Keck-NIRSPEC, VLT-VISIR, and other instruments. The goals are both education and data access, to pass existing expertise on to the next generation of IR spectroscopists and to give community access to high-quality, high-resolution IR spectra across different spectrographs for a large sample of Protoplanetary Disks. We hope that this initiative will be useful to support new modeling efforts as well as new observing campaigns in the era of JWST and of the next generation of ground-based IR spectrographs on extremely large telescopes. If you are interested in the project, please get in touch with us at these early stages, we’d love to hear your feedback on what you would find most helpful to have. You can contact us at: SpExoDisks@gmail.com